Disappearing to Write

Please forgive me for not blogging sooner, but I assure you, it’s for the best of reasons. The words have been coming quickly: 5,000 one week, 6,000 the next. Between the courts and the words, I’m cooked at the end of each day.

Christmas is Coming and I’m Disappearing

Cat Disappearing in Christmas TreeIt’s been quite inconvenient, too. Just when Christmas is coming and I have other things I should do, I find myself disappearing to write.

It makes me moody and tired when I’m done. You can imagine how much fun I am at night. But, when the words come, you have to take advantage of it.

It’s a good story, too. I know I’ll have a lot of rewriting to do, but the story is exciting. I see the ending coming as I write it — like looking through the windshield as you drive down the road in the flat land of the Panhandle and see the town slowly get closer.

I’ve started a science experiment at the apartment for the sequel. I have to try to recreate an object in a recent chapter so that when I get back to it on the first rewrite, I can properly describe it. My wife is getting tired of its existence — it’s been on the bar all week.


Here’s the latest Author Talk:

December 18th Author Talk will Be Live On Sandy Lawrence Facebook page, and then shortly thereafter on this page and YouTube Channel Author Talk. Please like the videos and subscribe to the channel, as it changes the algorithms on YouTube and is offered to a larger audience.

On the 18th, we are recording the next two Author Talks to be released on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Merry Christmas!

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