It’s raining today in Houston. Not much, but it’s the first rain since Hurricane Harvey. One friend on Facebook asked if rain scares everyone.

Another friend posted that if your children are frightened by rain now, and they weren’t before, then you should talk to them about it. You shouldn’t just shrug it off.

I come from a part of the country that’s mostly desert. I didn’t realize it growing up. As a result, I’ve always watched it rain like it was a great and rare occurrence.

As I watched it rain today, all I could think of was the people still out of their flooded homes and those with piles of rubble in their front yards.

trash piles from the rain


One lady on the elevator this afternoon said the rains depress her. She volunteered at the George R. Brown Convention Center when it was an evacuation center during the hurricane.

I knew what she meant. Maybe it is PTSD. I don’t know.

You’ll also note that the Red Cross isn’t helping people in and around the city to the standard that the millions of people who donated were led to believe they would. It’s so bad that the Mayor of Houston made comments about it this afternoon.

They’ve promised that they’ll get organized, but why is the Red Cross not prepared? I’m actually a little shocked at it.

It’s stopped raining now. The sun’s out. We can all get back to work.

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