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Speaking at a Book Club

I visited with a great book club the other day. I write “visited” because it was much better than just me speaking. We discussed characters in my book, Murder For Me, why I wrote the book, and how I wrote it.

I hope they’ll join my Facebook page, Russell’s Stories, so they can keep track of my progress. I want to thank the readers at the book club I visited with last week, too. I had a great time with them, and I hope they’ll join my page, too.


Book: Murder for Me by Russell LittleAt both meetings, we discussed Marilyn, my principle antagonist. They wanted to know more about her. I assured them in the sequel I knew it was my responsibility to answer many of these questions. How did she get to be the predator that she is? What is her life really like? What is she thinking when she does what she does to people?

And they told me to hurry up. They’re ready for the next book. I am too.

I’m almost finished with the first draft of the fourth chapter of the sequel. I bubble graph and outline before I write a book. I have to re-outline and re-graph as I write it, and I’m at that point now. As soon as I finish this chapter, it’s time for a re-graph.

Author Talk

Books: Author TalkSandy Lawrence and I have scheduled another podcast with a local author next week. It should be up by mid July.  You can find it on YouTube.

Book Recommendation

Finally, I want to recommend the book I’m about to finish to you. It’s about how fast our world is changing and how it’s happening. It’s full of facts you need to know to thrive in our increasingly changing world. I wasn’t aware of just how much of our future is literally on top of us.  It has helped me understand just why many of the things happening in the world are taking place. It’s called Thank You for Being Late, by Thomas Friedman.

If you missed the story about my dad, it’s here: Dad

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