A Party and A Best-Seller

One year ago this last weekend my best-sellerĀ Murder For Me became available on Amazon. We had a big party at One Park Place in Houston, Texas. A couple of hundred people came to celebrate the publishing of my first book.


#6 on best-seller listDuring Labor Day Weekend Sandy Lawrence, my publicist, organized a promotion on Amazon that raised me as high as number four on one of Amazon’s best-selling lists.

Sandy sent an email to me when it reached 6. I didn’t get a picture of it at 4. Amazon moves fast, it moved back and fourth quickly. In one day, 3,500 readers downloaded my book.

Over the last year, about 10,000 books have been sold in paperback or downloaded either through sale or promotion. I am very happy with that number for a first book independently sold on Amazon.

Writer’s Conference

The Houston Writers Guild is having a Writers Conference September 15 targeting independent publishing. I’m speaking on a panel about my experience. I plan on talking about what I did right and wrong, and I assure you I will do much better with the next book.

If you’re a writer, I urge you to make this conference. I went to it before I first published, and it saved me. There is so much you must know (if you never published before) that you don’t. You can register on the Guild’s website.

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