Brad and Angel: the Family Grows

We thought we were coming to Amarillo for a boring wedding reception, not an adventure.

We were wrong.

We thought it started off well. My son David and I drove up from Houston.

Amarillo Partying

We thought it got better, partying at BL Bistro. A great patio and a great place to have a drink.

family partying continuesWe met the new bride marrying our nephew Brad. The others said she was so sweet; but she’s smart and ambitious, not sweet. That’s good. She may fit in the family now. We discovered this at a drunken party on Amarillo’s only party street, 6th Street.

You can see from the pictures that I didn’t take a picture of the powerful Angel. I had no idea of who she was yet or how completely she would fit into the family. Here we’re just drinking too much on a Friday, running people off from the Bistro. It’s one of my things.

Then we partied at a very bad Mexican restaurant and a very non-Amarillo bar, the very hippest bar in town. My musician nephew knew everyone and introduced me to the bass player.

Growing Family

Angel’s personality came out. Smart. Aggressive. Ambitious. This poor uncle Russell could understand.

The family is growing. Improving. Our Millennial generation is making our family stronger, closer, more competitive. Smarter.

We salute Brad And Angel. They are making our family better.


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  1. Thank you for the great blog. Our weekend has been fun. Brad and Angel make us proud everyday. They are fantastic and we look forward to their amazing future!! Also, we were so very happy you and David came to celebrate with us. We miss the rest of our crazy, fun family! Love

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