Marilyn’s Fans Post About Her

post about Marilyn and SandieSusan Prince Jones put up this post today:

Russell Little, your book was fantastic!!!!!  Read it in 2 days.  Couldn’t put it down!!!!  Reviewed it on Amazon also.  Keep writing!!!!

And she posted this picture. She’s an alumna of Amarillo High School. The Sandstorm is our symbol. Anyone who knows the Panhandle of Texas will understand.

And, by the way, “Sandie” is fleeing from Marilyn!

Another Fan Post

A recent post from Karen McClendon said:

When it’s too stinking hot for yard work, and there is nothing but malarkey on the TV, and all the knitting projects are done for now, what is there to do?

Reading my friend Russell’s first novel (there will be more, right?)… a thriller with seriously flawed people, several plot twists, and this femme fatale called Marilyn… Hey, you want to know more?  Get your own copy on Amazon, and read my review while you are there.

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