Today should have been a terrible, terrible day. I should be miserable tonight. I’m not.

I’m happy tonight.

And it’s because of very nice people.

Cracked Molar

I cracked my second molar. I’m scared of dentists anyway, and now I’ve cracked a molar.

Not just a little, repairable crack either, but down the middle and all the way.

My wife had gone to a dentist earlier this year. After she came home, she went on and on about how gentle he was, how nice his staff was, and how happy the people that worked there were.

Gentle. That’s what I needed.

And they were this morning. The whole office. They helped me get through it. Thanks David.


But then I had to go see an Oral Surgeon this afternoon. I hadn’t heard what he’s like. I reverted to pre-panic.

I didn’t need to. The staff was kind and easy. I saw the surgeon thirty minutes early. When did you ever read that before?

What I’m scheduled for won’t be fun, but I’m okay tonight. Nice people with stressful jobs that deal with panicky people helped me get through it today, and that’s pretty good.

I’ll thank each one individually. I’ll have plenty of opportunities.

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