Evacuated: At the Harris County Courthouse

When I arrived at the criminal courthouse Monday, the lines of defendants, attorneys, and others were out the door to get through security and to their assigned courtrooms. Deputies earlier had evacuated the first floor.

Evacuated: Rumors

Defense attorneys, Assistant District Attorneys, and court staff mentioned different rumors about why it happened. Defendants were up to an hour late for court. The judge I was in front of was understanding, and I was glad to see it.My client said he was told there was a fire on the twelfth floor. That didn’t sound right. They evacuated the first floor. I heard other rumors.

In Murder For Me, I write about people trying to get to their courts on time and the consequences if they’re late. The judge I write about was much less sympathetic with defendants whether it was their fault for being late or not.

Evacuated: The Real Story

It turns out all the rumors were wrong. The Houston Chronicle explained later this morning what happened:

Chronicle article courthouse evacuated

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