Reporters and Cameramen in the Hall of the Courthouse

This morning I arrived to court facing these reporters and cameramen. They weren’t there for my case, but they hang around for one case or the other all the time.

In Murder For Me, my first novel, I wrote several scenes about reporters and cameramen in the hallways of the courthouse. It’s common, and their aggressiveness rises geometrically with the case’s public interest.

Reading the Scene

From the above picture you can deduce…what? There’s three stations (three different cameramen) so the case they’re covering has at least medium interest. One station has a reporter (the woman in blue) standing around waiting on attorneys to show up, so public interest–or the sensationalism of the case–is probably of more than a medium level.

You can tell it’s not more because there aren’t any national cable stations with them. There were no satellite trucks outside either.

(By the way, cameramen hate for their pictures to be taken).

I won’t describe the case that they were covering that day. It’s too horrible, and I don’t want to publicize that.

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