Hard Lesson

Writing Lesson

I’m writing chapter three of The Artist, and I learned a hard lesson today. I’ve begun training for a four day mountain hike in Big Bend Park, and I’ve tripled my workouts. I started the day with a 45 minute max-incline run. Now, I’m so sore I can’t move. No, I don’t have to move while I write, but I can’t sit very long either. It’s awful.

Travel Lesson

If you follow my Facebook Russell’s Stories Page, you know my wife and I went to San Diego last week. Beautiful city. I prepared a “I hate packed airplanes and three hour plane ride” posts during the third hour, but it didn’t get posted. That’s a good thing.

Life Update

Watch my YouTube Page for updates from Super Bowl Central at Discovery Green Park. I live above it, and I’ll post videos of the ten blocks of craziness. My wife has a great blog that I publicize, too. She writes about our family and our lives. I hope you like it.

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