Marilyn: What Happened Next?

The Next Phase



Pictures from July book launch

I wrote Murder For Me over several years. I wrote for my mother, and I had to get it finished before she was gone. She read it four times before she died.

It was published in June, 2016. Last July, we had a debut party for the book at One Park Place. Labor Day weekend we ran a special on Amazon that got as high as number four on the Mystery’s Best Selling List. ¬†With Sandy Lawrence’s help, we publicized pictures of the cover of the book asking, “Where is Marilyn now?” I’ve had a little less than 10,000 ebooks downloaded. Now what?

Readers Ask about Marilyn

Mark A. Callahan reading Marilyn in Murder For Me by the Opera House in Sydney, Australia

Readers ask, “What happened next to Marilyn?”

I started the sequel and got to chapter four before it stopped. Cold. Nothing.

I changed locations where I write.

I tried another idea about a painter, but it stopped at chapter four again.

What’s my problem with chapter fours?

New Web Page

My new web page is now done, I hope you like it. It’s clean and easier to read.

Thank you John Graves. It opened a new door.

I graphed my new sequel and wrote the two first pages of chapter one.

It feels good. I’ll know when I finish chapter five.

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