Rambling During 27 Hours in the Air

In the Air over Japan

We’re flying over Sendai, Japan right now, and it occurs to me that this is a much larger world than we imagine, and a much smaller one. We’ve flown 6,500 air miles since we took off. We have 1,500 to go.

Last night, the plane staff was serving different dishes and drinks, and intermittently announcing what was next. I had no idea what was going on and neither did Melinda. We couldn’t understand Chinese, but it was okay.

It’s also a really small world. Efficient service on EVA Air . Eventually we figured out what was happening as it happened, and we enjoyed the humor of our own inadequacy. Huge airplane, completely full, and still the staff did a great job. They made the long flight bearable.

In the Air over Russia

We flew over Russia a while ago, and I told Melinda that we’ve now been to Russia. She rolled her eyes. North Korea is just to our right. I’d say I could see the lights of Pyongyang — if there were any.

Melinda and I will both blog while we travel. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Marilyn is with us, but she hasn’t made an appearance yet.

I’ll miss working on the next book while I’m gone. I’m about twenty chapters into the next book.

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