Shanghai: Where You Can See The Future. Now.

Shanghai: See the future. Not just for your child and grandchildren. Now.

Shanghai runs along both shores of the Yangtze River. On one side, it seems like the nineteenth century, but on the other shore you glimpse what may be humanity’s future.

Shanghai Bund

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Tens of thousands of young, educated, even hipster locals and visitors crowded the Bund with us Friday night. That’s Friday night here, which occurs 13 hours before yours, and seems like its always a day ahead. Which is appropriate since this city appears ahead of anything in America.

They have this thing here where young couples dressed for weddings stand for long periods posing with their own photographers , but for everyone else to take their pictures too. At first I thought it was wedding pictures. Then it looked like Ball clothes and I thought they were models hired to just stand here on the Bund. They’re all along the walkway.

The restaurants along the historic side were elegant. We wandered into them looking for soup dumplings. Silly us.

We as a people really need to get our act together because this world is not waiting on us.

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