Reading My Amazon Reviews

I’ve received three recent reviews on Amazon giving Murder For Me 59 total. Reviews are vital for selling books online. The algorithm used rates and promotes your book partially in response to how many reviews you have and how readers rate your book.

Writers are constantly posting about their struggles personally with bad reviews. There’s a whole group of therapy posts about how to deal with it. Their main advice is to stop reading them.

I have to. Can’t help it. Read them repeatedly.

The Reviews

On the beach: Destin, FL

I received two five-stars and one one-star. It’s nice to have the one star sandwiched between two great reviews.

My newest review states:

An absolute amazing book! It was a very fun read that really got into the characters and from their points of view. I like how the writing style changed for each character and the exciting ride all the way until the end. Thanks for writing such a great book!”

One reader hated it. She didn’t like the language some of my characters used. She wrote:

I truly wish reviews would mention when an authors vocabulary is so small they can’t write without using profanity….. 2% F word twice already along with others….not for me!

I thought about the language a great deal while I wrote Murder. The only way I could be true to my characters I decided was to use the words they would use. I know them. I live with them. I hear them speak in my head. I had to use their words, and I wrote the book for my mother!

The third reviewer wrote:

“Great read. Hope to see more from this author. Murder for Me is a true guilty pleasure!

I’ll go with guilty pleasure.

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