Marilyn Traveling

We had a great trip traveling to Cabo this past week.

We went with our granddaughter. We also allowed her mom and dad to go.

Of course, Marilyn came along.

South Africa

Marilyn was busy last week. Susie and Greg Bowers were traveling in South Africa and Zimbabwe. They sent me pictures as they toured Africa.

Susie Bowers traveling in South AfricaHere’s Susie and Marilyn being greeted by a local tribe at the Zimbabwe airport.

Greg Bowers hunting and traveling in ZimbabweSusie let Greg hangout with Marilyn, too.

That’s pretty good, Susie, but it usually doesn’t turn out well when you leave men and guns alone with Marilyn.

Thanks for sending me the pictures!


IndiepaloozaAs I’ve previously posted, I’ll be speaking on a panel at the Indiepalooza. This is my favorite conference every year, so I’m really honored to get to participate.

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